Fall forecast 2019

The planetary astrology for the next four months facilitates a personal journey of transformation, inviting reflection into who you are, and clarity as to what you are stewarding to bring forward in life. The Pisces full moon September 13th indicates completion and closure. As we move deeper into fall, there are beginnings and changes including … More Fall forecast 2019

The Astrology of Millennials; Pluto in Scorpio Generation

The symbolic imagery of the Phoenix denotes the moment of coming face to face with limitations, perhaps even mortality, so that the soul is sparked into metamorphosis. The example of the Phoenix rising tells how one experience is dissolved in order for another more powerful experience to be awakened. Through the lens of astrology, this … More The Astrology of Millennials; Pluto in Scorpio Generation

Summer forecast 2019

With a mix of optimistic transition and bright foreshadowing, the next few months are going to stir heartfelt energies in new ways. The June solstice on the 21st presents a mid-point for 2019 that comes with the opportunity for heart releasing, clearing and opening. As the sun begins her transit into the sign of Cancer … More Summer forecast 2019

February forecast 2019

The new moon on February 4th brought the Sun, Moon and Mercury together in mid-Aquarius. This uplifting aspect helped give many perspectives on personal happiness, igniting feelings of gratitude for the rewards of our valuable contributions. The encouragement and wellbeing of the February new moon will continue to resonate with expansion and possibility in the … More February forecast 2019

January forecast 2019

2019 starts off with a solar eclipse on Saturday January 5 with the Capricorn new moon. Eclipses add extra power to lunar dynamics and this particular eclipse emphases the ways in which tender care is needed to nourish the dreams for tomorrow. There is a delicate venerability that can easily be over looked unless time … More January forecast 2019