Spring forecast 2019

There is an intensity in the world at this moment that is effecting each of us individually and collectively. This is the feeling of destiny. … More Spring forecast 2019


March forecast 2019

Trust the path of unfamiliarity to guide you into wisdom. Follow your intuition as you open new doors and connect with new people. Protect yourself with kindness and openhearted curiosity to develop compassion and acceptance as you stretch into unknown directions. … More March forecast 2019

February forecast 2019

The new moon on February 4th brought the Sun, Moon and Mercury together in mid-Aquarius. This uplifting aspect helped give many perspectives on personal happiness, igniting feelings of gratitude for the rewards of our valuable contributions. The encouragement and wellbeing of the February new moon will continue to resonate with expansion and possibility in the … More February forecast 2019

January forecast 2019

2019 starts off with a solar eclipse on Saturday January 5 with the Capricorn new moon. Eclipses add extra power to lunar dynamics and this particular eclipse emphases the ways in which tender care is needed to nourish the dreams for tomorrow. There is a delicate venerability that can easily be over looked unless time … More January forecast 2019

December forecast 2018

The Sagittarius new moon at the start of December helps to shine light on some of the challenges of disillusionment between conclusive results, and honesty. Often during times of stress there is a tendency for intellectual discernment to push for the shortest path to completion. The injury of this method of β€œfiguring things out” is … More December forecast 2018