Virgo & Aries lunation 2017


Image Copyright ©2017 Rochelle Fox. All Rights Reserved

Virgo new moon September 20 (10:29pm PST) 27’
Aries full moon October 5 (11:40am PST) 12’

The Virgo new moon on September 20 offers inner refinement. Experiment with channeling your energy into productive tasks instead of needing to “fix” or criticize others. There is a very positive influence with addressing personal emotional wounds and having the ability to mend the past. This healing period might require some readjustment with modifying old behaviour patterns or perhaps cultivating healthier choices. Sometimes the best way to change direction is to pause and observe what is happening. Listen to what the environment or other people are expressing. Are you able to observe the situation with non-attachment? Can you define the situations or comments that trigger you?

Assessing situations with this type of personal awareness will give you a clear indication where your boundaries have become thin. Thin boundaries show up in our life as low energy, becoming sick or run down, and feeling like there are endless tasks at hand. So cultivate a time for nourishing self-care during the new moon so that you have the ability to put your best self forward. One of the keys with Virgo energy is learning how to blend the sacred with seemingly bland mundane moments. Can sitting in traffic become meditative for you? Perhaps your morning jog helps you offer prayers to the earth, or on your bike ride to work listen for the sound of OM weaving through the city noise.

When the Aries full moon rises on October 5 she will be caring restlessness into the sky. This full moon presents creative opportunity to stand with conviction and move forward with self-assured confidence. The challenge is being able to understand when we are expressing immaturity though stubbornness and ridged thinking. Or in contrast, knowing when our thoughts are leading us down a sweet path of inspired idealistic fantasies. Remember, the action of manifestation is expressed when one dynamic is dissolved in order to create space for something new; crack the eggs to make the omelette. More to come about the Aries full moon in my next blog post…

Click here to watch the Virgo new moon video 
Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.38.40 PM

Goddess Illustration by  Rochelle Fox 

A note from the artist
This month’s illustration is inspired by the Lunar Goddess Rhiannon. She is the Great Queen who radiates light on the darkness and helps us to reclaim the throne of our Divine essential self. Things sacred to Rhiannon are the moon, horses, songbirds, and the wind. She possesses a deep magic and can manifest her dreams and desires both for herself and for the good of all. She is closely interwoven with all of life on earth. The fearless, untamed goddess teaches us to honor our chosen path and to go our own way.

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