Aries full moon October 2017


When the Aries full moon rises on October 5 she will be caring restlessness into the sky. This full moon presents creative opportunity to stand with conviction and move forward with self-assured confidence. The challenge is being able to understand when we are expressing immaturity though stubbornness and ridged thinking. Or in contrast, knowing when our thoughts are leading us down a sweet path of inspired idealistic fantasies. Remember, the action of manifestation is expressed when one dynamic is dissolved in order to create space for something new; crack the eggs to make the omelette.

Well little did I know when I wrote this two weeks ago I would be transitioning away from writing about the moon specially. Moving forward in 2018, I intent to no longer focus on the polarity of the new moon and full moon, and instead I am more interested in writing about  balancing and harmonizing energies that can help us find empowerment and inspiration. Such as honouring the divine female with the divine masculine, self care, holistic living, mindfulness practices, heightening intuition and creative empowerment. My practice with astrology and tarot has taught me volumes and I feel there is more to be expressed beyond the moon, with the current consciousness of evolutionary astrology at this time.

I have been writing two moon posts a month since 2011. First in private emails to my client list, the in 2013 I started my Blog and followed by the launch of my YouTube channel in 2015. I can feel another transition period on the rise and wanted to share a heads up with you.

I am offering a selection of private and online classes along side my busy client practice. More information can be found on my website I am also accessible through email and welcome your communication.

Medicine Animal Fire Dragon

“The Fire Dragon guards the treasure of the Inner Fire that burns within each of us… Not all knowledge is for public consumption, not all power is for the use by all. The dangers of power falling into corrupt hands are well known by all. “ The Druid Animal Oracle, by Carr-Gomm

Everything to do with the moon has two sides, the hidden side and the visible side. Can you trust what you are being shown? The Aries full moon asks us to trust our own path. Depending on our level of self-awareness and self-mastery how does one express leadership without tyranny? The Fire Dragon brings forward reflection on transmutation, mastery and energetic manifestation.



4 thoughts on “Aries full moon October 2017

  1. Congratulations on your new venture exciting times!

    Thank you for your posts they are inspiring and it gives me added clarity xo



  2. I’ve appreciated the moon phase blogs and videos very much, thanks Tegan! And I’ll certainly be I’ll be staying tuned for what’s next!! :-)

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