October Astrology 2017


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October 10 to November 8 2018 Jupiter transit Scorpio
October 19 Libra new moon (12:12pm p.s.t) 26′

The tension we are exploring with Jupiter transiting through Scorpio over the next year, is to learn how to find authenticity by practicing emancipation through external sequences of intensity. This month Scorpio awakens an energetic signature that helps us see beneath the surface. As we enter into the underworld of self, we learn about mortality. As our curiosity leads us deeper towards the mysteries in our life there will be new information we discover that reveals to us our own true power.

Use the opportunity of potent Scorpio guidance to practice clearing your energy. Jupiter transiting Scoprio will lead to questions of disclosure and it is likely many fear based ones will choose secrecy as a means of maintaining power. Cultivating secrecy or denial is the Mars driven “short game” method of Scorpio and this typically leads to massive upheaval down the road. Therefore take steps to remove debris acquired from past trauma as well as the stored histories of negativity that accumulate in our pain body.

As we face our unconscious suffering and take steps to unite the conscious with unconscious, we are able to find more clarity in all areas of life. We become less inclined to control situations, or act possessively and manipulate relationships. Life becomes smoother as we do the work to release our suffering.

Jupiter is a massive planet almost a Sun and it gravitates us into the external world to find our Truth and learn from life around us. There is an excitement and expansive quality to this planet that brings amplification into our life. As our focus in pulled towards the external world to elicit knowledge the swell of information often induces optimism. This creates situations and dynamics where we tend to overestimate our abilities or follow false prophets. Be aware of the size of promises you make or the sales pitches you are fascinated by. It might seem tempting to follow this type of guidance but the encouragement is learning how to become your own leader.

Jupiter is helping us to lean how to TRUST OUR TRUTH and figure out how to make independently conscious and coherent decisions that are in alignment of our full self expression. Over the next year part of the challenge is to choose where you source your information from and then to use your inner discernment to cultivate your understanding of Truth.

Libra New Moon 
The Libra new moon arrives shortly after the final of three unions between Mars and Venus. This brings potential amicability to areas of unrest regarding desires and abundance to situations that you awoke to November 2016. The Libra new moon proves to be a very valuable support to healing work with relationship dynamics and finding fulfillment with meaningful activity in life. As we strengthen our connection to our heart we build a bridge in all our relationships. Sometimes building a bridge might feel like taking a couple steps backwards in order to complete the journey to reach the destination. Libra teaches us about accountability in all collaborations and partnerships. Setting the intention of personal accountability is a powerful step in cultivating unconditional love giving empowerment to personal energetic clarity.

October Astrology Video working with Cedar Tree Medicine 
Cedar tree is used for healing, protection, purification, provides assistance for times of courageousness and bravery

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 3.29.24 PM

Monthly Goddess Illustration by Rochelle Fox

A note from the artist
This month’s illustration is inspired by the Ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna, the Mother of all Deities. As goddess of earthly middle-world, she was called the Great Mother, Lady of Vision, Bestower of Strength, and Light of the World. She teaches us to use our intuition, the language of the soul, and to see our world with a bird’s eye view where we are all one.
She is an unstoppable force, using her strength for the good of all mankind. She is the creator of new life, nurturing, protecting, and guiding with a deep well of wisdom from the beginning of time. She is a witch, a healer, a shaman, an alchemical priestess. She is a true Queen, reconnecting us to Nature and to our own true nature. As the Woman of Light she calls out to the Spiritual Warriors as they awaken and remember. All the answers are within.
The 3-pointed symbol on her left forearm, the triquetra, stands for female empowerment and the power of 3 (cycle of life, death ,rebirth). The inverted triangles on her other arm represent integrating both the masculine and feminine elements, bringing them into balance. The 5-pointed pentagram is a symbol of protection. The top point represents true spirit (goddess) and the other 4 are the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. The star as a whole represents the spirit bringing the elements into natural harmony.

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