November Astrology 2017


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We welcomed the Taurus full moon on November 3 and through this introduction we became aware of a new level of ownership directing our attention towards “mine” and “yours”. Take a moment now and detect where you can find these dynamics playing out in your life. Where perhaps you experienced a sense of imbalance with divisions of property, shortcomings in others that left you carrying too much or experiencing impositions of personal sacrifice for others well being. As these dynamics continue to unfold gaining clarity, we are learning more about our inner values as well as external situations that are powerfully influencing our lives.

The Principal of Correspondence as with all of the Hermetic Principals, is a tool of perception that offers guidance with how to work with imbalances we are observing. When we choose to actively strengthen our ability to look deeper within ourself by clearing blind spots so to speak, we become more powerful. This investigating into unseen areas of personal limitation in our own life is an extremely humbling experience. The provocative process of dismantling the Ego in order to awaken true depth of consciousness cultivates tremendous self respect and sovereign honour. It is no small task to overcome the Ego, yet awakening to the areas of “mine” and “yours” is a eloquent starting point for engaging deeper self awareness.

The Scorpio new moon November 18 arrives as a gift to those of us that dive in deeply on the journey of self awareness. Just as a warm air current gives the bird some rest on it’s migration, this Scorpio new moon can show us where to find solace on our inner journey. This uniting of sun and moon can help us realize the specific requirements we desire from all situations in our life. Realizing our needs will presents us with choices. Realizing our choices, awakens creative cognition stimulating resourceful behaviours. It is through these moments of realization we discover what we have been desiring as a solution is not revealed in the answers from others, but instead, revealed through the clarity to ask potent and meaningful questions of oneself.

Most of us are recognizing the expansion of sensitivity and clearer insights pertaining to higher sensory perception at this time. The more we are able to give a voice to the non-visible world of knowing, the greater strength we have to support one another in cohesive emotional development. As we enhance our aptitude to intelligently reason from both the Right Brain and Left Brain side of comprehension we become aligned to greater universal harmony. Trusting this alignment facilitates our ability to adapt and survive in difficult and complex situations that push our limits of comfortability and embolden courageous reinforcement.

Interesting astrology tidbits for November
Full moon November 3 (10:22pm PST)

New moon November 18 (3:42am PST)

Venus conjunct Jupiter November 8
Expansion around love, money and beauty and/or a great awareness in how those needs are not being met. Feelings of intensity and power always accompany Scorpio energy. You will need to look at your birth chart to have more clarity how this conjunction will be personally affecting you. Conjunctions represent the start of a new cycle, this one is lasting approximately until the Summer Solstice June 21 2018

Saturn trine Uranus November 11
Things that were started around December 24 2016, bubbled up in May 2017 and now will see the final adjustment to complete this cycle. Feels like choosing to face challenges, breaking free from old ways of doing things, opening up to new ideas and personal revelations. This adjustment can offer challenge to partnership and family dynamics where one person is clinging to outdated traditions, beliefs or formalities. A powerful time for releasing karmic entanglements offering clarity with how to move forward in new ways with self direction and empowerment.

Sun enters Sagittarius November 21
This influence stimulates our creative curiosity to explore new worlds, perhaps both on a  physical and metaphysical level. We are inspired to look towards the horizon hearing the call of the journey and follow the deer past the boundary on the edge of the forest.

November Astrology video working with Snake symbolism
The medicine of Snake energy is found throughout the world in almost all cultures. Closely linked to healing and guidance during times of personal transformation the Snake shows us how to navigate the inner realms going beyond fear and reconnecting to primal energy.

Monthly Goddess Illustration by Rochelle Fox

KM_C308-20171110193230A note from the artist 
Hecate is the Greek goddess of the crossroads, magic, witchcraft, the night, and the moon. In her role as “Queen of the Night,” she carries torches to illuminate the road ahead, bringing light and wisdom to the world. She holds the key around her neck, unlocking the mysteries of the spiritual world and opening the gates to hidden knowledge beyond. She is accompanied by her sacred dogs on the darkest night of the new moon.

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