December Astrology 2017


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As the sun continues to travel though the constellation of Sagittarius our inspiration is guided to investigate personal truth. Having come through the intense inner reflection of Scorpio, the new Sagittarius light inspires us to reflect on what we have seen, asking where shall we expand? Can we find humour in past rigid behaviour and let go of blame? How does the lightness of creativity help us to find new perspective to heal old wounds? The symbolic arrow of the Sagittarius glyph references pointed concentration that seeks new understanding, which is not currently available in the present environment. We are asked to go beyond the familiar and the Sagittarius encouragement is to transcend Human Law and return to Natural Law by applying bravery, hope and intuitive imagination. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that credits us with the ability to move out of the zealous waters of introspective Scorpio and traverse towards the external planes of wisdom. When we expand our perspective we find new levels of understanding and applying ingenuity, compassion and wisdom.

Take a moment to honour your brave journey over the past five years. In December 2012 there was a lot of discussion about the end of the Mayan calendar and the 2012 timelines of collective consciousness. We speculated as to how things would change as the vibration increased on our planet. Collectively we have seen specular events and surprises as well as huge transformations in our personal/social/relationship lives. I believe the past five years touched each of us in meaningful ways often with upheaval calling all our strength forward. Perhaps you can see how the integrity of your choices manifests feelings of wellbeing in your life.

Each time I teach a class in tarot or astrology, I find myself at some point saying, this ‘dynamic’ is not easy but it will bring meaningful experiences, powerful life transitions or a deeper awareness of love. Strength is found in integrity. Integrity is founded on inner truth and the ability to know and trust your feelings.

The long dark days of winter are snuggly holding us close. Collectively in the North, we patiently wait for the winter solstice to remind the sun to return home to us. During these cold winter months we are gifted with a period of assimilation. This can be a highly creative time for deeply navigating the inner realm of your imagination and creative ability. The next few months the sun will start to peek in our windows slightly longer each day, giving hope and promise to the new life that we will bring forward in the spring.

I am currently writing as Mercury is in retrograde which helps us learn how to move ahead by reviewing the past. The importance of creating time to reflect and integrate lived experiences is to find new strength, healing and metamorphous which supports the continued journey onward. Working with cycle of Mercury retrograde can offer beneficial perspective into skipped steps or missed opportunities. Generally Mercury goes into retrograde three times a year for three weeks. During the retrograde I tend to reorganize a part of my home or studio, I like to write during Mercury retrograde periods and often I plan a retreat or special mediation day for myself to replenish my energy cycles so that I re-emerge with new depth  to offer forward in my client practice.  I encourage you to explore inspired ways to engage with the retrograde cycles of Mercury in the upcoming year as well.

Full moon December 3 (7:46am PST)

New moon December 17 (10:30pm PST)

Winter solstice December 21 (8:28 PST)

Interesting astrology tidbits for 2018

Mercury Retrogrades

  • March 22 to April 15 – Aries
  • July 26 to August 19  – Leo
  • November 16 to December 06 – Scorpio/Sagittarius

Jupiter in Scorpio
October 10 2017 to November 08 2018

Saturn in Capricorn 
December 19 2017 to December 17 2020


  • January 31 – Lunar, Sign of Leo
  • February 15 -Solar, Sign of Aquarius
  • July 13 – Solar, Sign of Cancer
  • July 27  – Lunar, Sign of Aquarius
  • August 11 -Solar, Sign of Leo  

Blue Moon Typically only once every 2.5 years
January 31 2018
March 31 2018 ….. Next blue moon after is on Halloween 2020

December Astrology video working with Bear Medicine
The Bear totem brings forward powerfully grounding strength to standing up with fearlessness. The Bear show us how to balance hibernation with leadership while cultivating abilities to heal oneself and help others grow. Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 5.29.33 PM

Monthly Goddess Illustration by Rochelle Fox


A note from the artist 
This illustration is inspired by Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Endings & Beginnings. Kali helps us to detox everything in our lives that’s no longer serving us; out with the old in with the new. Kali is a powerful goddess that symbolizes the “death” of the ego to see the truth of our reality, awakening to our true selves and illuminating everything false around us. Kali also embodies shakti – feminine energy, creativity and fertility.

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