January Forecast for 2018


January is a tremendously significant month not only for the start of the new calendar year but also the astro energetic influences. The super moon of January 2 rode full and high into the cold winter sky invoking humour. The profound invitation of humour is that it offers space to release narrow perspectives. Ridged thinking along with the strong will of certainty can quickly manifest barriers of oppressive limitation dividing thoughts into a singular perspectives of right/wrong. Humour invites a moment of disorientation, perhaps a reorientation towards new perspective or an inflection of chaos that shifts control and reroutes the direction of the conversation to encompass new territory.

The Fool 18th CenturyIn tarot we describe the Archetype energy of humour in The Fool, as it helps us to accept the journey forward. Working with the Archetype of The Fool will provide a key to psychological unification between inner and outer realities; between the known and the unknown. Humour then becomes an exercise for effecting transition between worlds.

planetsAstrology describes this type of hopeful influence as a transit from Pisces into Aries. Here we see the beginning times of all creation and for that we MUST have a sense of humour. Life is too harsh unless we soften it with humour. Planets Uranus or Mercury also play a influential part by creating the need for openness. Simple curiosity awakens the need for freedom, leading to unconstrained self expression inspired by spontaneity. As Neptune guides us from the mystical outer realms we find ourselves dancing between inner and outer realties.

January’s first full moon gift to us is the key for surviving the year, Humour. As we learn about humour and different applications of applying this lightheaded cosmic trust, we will be able to soften the wild impact of uncontrolled and unfathomable dynamics through the unfolding in the months ahead.

The Capricorn new moon January 16 awakens new gems of higher sensory perception in all empaths. Non-Empaths will have a much more challenging ride this year, which I am not going to get into on this post, surmise to say all of us energy workers, healers and counsellors will see an large increase to help interpret, sooth and untangle dynamics for those in relation to non-empaths.

The Capricorn new moon in mid-January awakens access to insightful ways of feeling into the environment and perceiving other types of consciousness. For example do you talk to your plants before your prune them? Or thank you car for the smooth journey? Just as we know our animals to have individual consciousness, the Capricorn new moon awakens the personal strength and ability to widen and trust our intuitive perspective beyond our current vocabulary.

January is an opportune month for building an alter or cultivating a sacred space for yourself. If you would like more information on utilizing totem energy and amalgamating  your relationship with sacred objects here is a LINK with more information. 

The second full moon (blue moon) of January rises on the last day, January 31 displaying a Leo lunar eclipse. The impact of this phenomenon is magnificent in that our innocence will have access to maturity. Sort of like spiritual puberty, the blue moon eclipse rapidly awakens our ability to break out of any lies or disillusionment about ourself and our purpose. The eclipse of the full moon acts like a metaphoric tectonic adjustment. Look for the crack in the vessel of identity to a shine a new light of disclosure in a variety of ways. Hopefully good news and clarity are your allies.

Both micro and macro 2018 is a year of “getting real”. You have tremendous tools and curiosity to trust your own inner guidance. Dive in deeper to see what your own intuitive insights are. Just like The Fool trust yourself. When you can not longer accept the limitation of acting in the real world, dive into your sacred heart and feel what your senses are describing.

Video update for January 2018


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