Animal Wisdom


“No matter how much we cloak ourselves in civilization, we are always part of Nature.
Every animal is a gateway to the phenomenal world of the human spirit.
What most people fail to realize is that what they think of animals
reflects the way they think of themselves” -Ted Andrews


When an animal shows up in your life there is for a reason for it. Sit with this animal energy. Perhaps a dream, vision, scent, call, cry, sound or physical appearance has grabbed your attention. Listen to what nature is telling you.

A pigeon feather might remind you of the soaring hawk in the sky or the wings of your guardian angel. Perhaps the fear of a spider is teaching you about directness or to relax and let the rewards arrive in their own time. The delicate shed skin of a snake might be reminding you to release what you no longer need to carry, or encouraging you to grow outside of your comfort zone. The mouse might indicate you need to watch your back for predator behaviour or the purr of your cat reminding you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

When we make time to listen, information is plentiful. Let yourself be guided by animal wisdom and nourished in the wonder of unlimited potential.

My Animal Teachers


Rio ‘handsome face‘ Dolce arrived in my life in January 2013. I adopted him from MEXPUP, an organization run by volunteers that bring dogs in need North from Mexico. As you might imagine my life changed forever, for the better.

Rio has taught me how to listen to the world around me in new ways. My mediation practice has exponentially deepened, he has also helped me strengthen my telepathic abilities as well. Since 2013, Rio has shown me how to open my heart and share love for all types of beings (and people). In my client practice I watch how he will occasionally decide to step in and become the teacher/ healer/guide for specific clients as I quietly take the back seat.

Sharon Loy Telepathic Animal Communication Specialist Sharon Loy

connective Michele at Connective Training 

p-56206-k2-_a6a40de1-897d-492e-ae1e-bcbd3ebe7c51.v2 Ted Andrews

When Animals Speak by Penelope Smith Penelope Smith