The Big Shift: Solstice 2020

The solstice on December 21 is the turning point as Saturn and Jupiter together, to move into the sign of Aquarius. The spiritual alchemy of Aquarius allows a base substance to be refined and amplified to the many. When we help one, we help the many. By letting go of grief and fear we find renewed connection to self realization, and then elevate our light into the world in new ways. … More The Big Shift: Solstice 2020

Tarot Minor Arcana| Suit of Swords

The clarity of wisdom is sharpened through the tarot suit of Swords in the minor arcana. Prioritizing healthy thoughts builds integrity. Imagine how a physical sword extends outward from the body and visualize your words taking shape the same way. Thoughts, words and actions cultivate lasting consciousness of their own essence. Each communication you make, has a frequency and vibration that extends into the world. … More Tarot Minor Arcana| Suit of Swords

Vibrational Frequency of Tarot

Consciousness can be felt through vibration. Recall the sensation of fluorescence light, and notice how it feels different from candlelight. The high pitched wave length from fluorescent light feels sharp and perhaps draining after long periods of exposure. In contrast, candlelight emits smooth, warm and relaxing waves of frequency vibration. Within the vast spectrum of … More Vibrational Frequency of Tarot

Benefits of Intuitive Development

  Intuition is the language of the heart. To develop intuition one practices slowing down mental chatter, fears and stress in order to open new levels of perception. Just like the gentle fluidity of water, one can explore the boundlessness of intuitive development through expanding outward perception from the physical self merging into the environment. … More Benefits of Intuitive Development

Valuable answers come from meaningful questions

The depth of a tarot reading is guided by how open we are to receiving information, both as a client and reader. Being able to release judgment of a situation will help shine light on the root of the obstacle.  Many clients seek a reading to help them gain new perspectives in situations where there is a perceived limitation, block or resistance. … More Valuable answers come from meaningful questions

Fall forecast 2019

The planetary astrology for the next four months facilitates a personal journey of transformation, inviting reflection into who you are, and clarity as to what you are stewarding to bring forward in life. The Pisces full moon September 13th indicates completion and closure. As we move deeper into fall, there are beginnings and changes including … More Fall forecast 2019

Summer forecast 2019

With a mix of optimistic transition and bright foreshadowing, the next few months are going to stir heartfelt energies in new ways. The June solstice on the 21st presents a mid-point for 2019 that comes with the opportunity for heart releasing, clearing and opening. As the sun begins her transit into the sign of Cancer … More Summer forecast 2019

February forecast 2019

The new moon on February 4th brought the Sun, Moon and Mercury together in mid-Aquarius. This uplifting aspect helped give many perspectives on personal happiness, igniting feelings of gratitude for the rewards of our valuable contributions. The encouragement and wellbeing of the February new moon will continue to resonate with expansion and possibility in the … More February forecast 2019

January forecast 2019

2019 starts off with a solar eclipse on Saturday January 5 with the Capricorn new moon. Eclipses add extra power to lunar dynamics and this particular eclipse emphases the ways in which tender care is needed to nourish the dreams for tomorrow. There is a delicate venerability that can easily be over looked unless time … More January forecast 2019

December forecast 2018

The Sagittarius new moon at the start of December helps to shine light on some of the challenges of disillusionment between conclusive results, and honesty. Often during times of stress there is a tendency for intellectual discernment to push for the shortest path to completion. The injury of this method of “figuring things out” is … More December forecast 2018

June forecast for 2018

June 13 Gemini new moon  The nature of Gemini addresses the many ways in which polarity stimulates movement. The new moon provides an opportunity to recognize areas that may need realignment; passion/obsession, enthusiastic/fanatical, internal/external, considerate/intrusive, connected/isolated..etc. Observing imbalances provides a greater understanding of where to bring harmonization. When feelings are aligned there is coherence, ease … More June forecast for 2018

Why I love tarot reading

Here is a little glimpse behind the scenes of my life and what I love Thank you Michael Young at Millions of Pixels for your creative eye and inspired direction Thank you Aleksandr Tsiboulski for the guitar piece and thoughtful music curation For more information about Tarot Readings by Tegan 

March Forecast 2018

March is a rich month full of transformation on many levels. The Virgo full moon March 1st provided powerful insights to find new gems of possibility within the deep waters of creative visualization. Similar to shining a flashlight into a fathomless crevasse and seeing the light catch something of interest, the full moon likely catalyzed … More March Forecast 2018

December Astrology 2017

  Image Copyright ©2017 Rochelle Fox. All Rights Reserved As the sun continues to travel though the constellation of Sagittarius our inspiration is guided to investigate personal truth. Having come through the intense inner reflection of Scorpio, the new Sagittarius light inspires us to reflect on what we have seen, asking where shall we expand? … More December Astrology 2017

Retrograde Planets

When a planet is referred to as “retrograde” it means the planet appears, from the Earth’s perspective, to be traveling backwards or in reverse. The appearance of traveling “backwards” offers reflection, review and reorientation. Retrograde planet phases encourage introspection, edits and inner contemplation before we continue forward full-speed-ahead. Astrology attributes an energetic frequency to each … More Retrograde Planets