Vibrational Frequency of Tarot

Consciousness can be felt through vibration. Recall the sensation of fluorescence light, and notice how it feels different from candlelight. The high pitched wave length from fluorescent light feels sharp and perhaps draining after long periods of exposure. In contrast, candlelight emits smooth, warm and relaxing waves of frequency vibration. Within the vast spectrum of … More Vibrational Frequency of Tarot

Benefits of Intuitive Development

  Intuition is the language of the heart. To develop intuition one practices slowing down mental chatter, fears and stress in order to open new levels of perception. Just like the gentle fluidity of water, one can explore the boundlessness of intuitive development through expanding outward perception from the physical self merging into the environment. … More Benefits of Intuitive Development

Valuable answers come from meaningful questions

The depth of a tarot reading is guided by how open we are to receiving information, both as a client and reader. Being able to release judgment of a situation will help shine light on the root of the obstacle.  Many clients seek a reading to help them gain new perspectives in situations where there is a perceived limitation, block or resistance. … More Valuable answers come from meaningful questions