Goddess & Mythology


I have been collaborating with New York based illustrator Rochelle Fox since 2016. Rochelle custom designs a Goddess illustration specific for each monthly forecast based on the harmony of planetary movement, inspired from divine feminine energies and researched mythology.

Rochelle’s intricately detailed work is inspired by nature, architectural details, Japanese prints, and eastern philosophies of balance and harmony. She draws much of her creative inspiration from the infinite energy and rich culture of New York City. Rochelle is continually experimenting with new techniques, but her preferred mediums are pen and ink, watercolors, acrylic, printmaking, and most recently laser cutting. Her ethereal gardens with imaginative structures are meant to evoke dreamlike states, the subconscious mind, and meditation. Above all, Rochelle seeks to create images of serenity to contrast the overly stimulating, yet endlessly inspirational urban landscapes of the modern world. See more of her work here rochellefox.com

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.05.59 PMGoddess His-tory
It is imperative we collectively bring in divine feminine energy into our work, the world, our relationships and ourselves. As we enter into 2018 we are at a transition point (perhaps the tipping point or 100th monkey) of saying no to the power elite, the closed systems of service to self and tyrannical suffering of patriarchal establishments of abuse and control.

Now more then ever, we are learning to recognize our innate personal power to make healthy choices and be accountable for our actions. As we continue to step out of consensus thinking and consumptive behaviour, giving voice to our freedom of expression we notice less pain and more ease. Recently the movement #metoo has gained visibility and I expect more disclosure to unfold as we navigate the choppy waters of the 21st century.

Working with Goddess energy is not about polarizing masculine and feminine genders. Empowering Goddess energy is about finding balance within to be strong enough to love ourself without power abuse, greed or belittling others. Goddess energy flows through each of us when we listen to our heart, acknowledge and speak with honesty about our feelings, show accountably for our thoughts, words and actions without intentionally causing harm to others, or the environment.

The more we awaken our inner heart to the peaceful waters diving feminine energy, mother nature, the source of our genesis, we can help override the damage caused from polarized patriarchy, victim/ victimizer, poverty consciousness, addiction, self-harming thoughts and actions. When we are in healthy alignment within our own energetic body we are capable of rebirth and resurrection to find new ways to heal and ascend both individually and collectively.