Moon Dynamics


About the moon

Just like the shift in tides the moon also pulls our emotional body. Statistics show an increase in action with hospitals, police and emergency needs during the monthly full moon. Bringing conscious awareness of the moon phases can help us understand ourself as well as rhythms of the collective (un)consciousnesses.

Life’s rhythms are created by the push and pull of opposite forces. As we learn to create inner alignment we can prevent our perception being overrun by melodrama and fear. It is from our strong centre point we create an advantage for reconciliation and harmonizing ourself with the powerful presence of oneness.

New moon meaning

The waning moon decreases in size unit we can no longer see the moon in the sky. This dark night is referred to as the new moon. It is the rebirthing part of each month which offers stillness. Find time to go inside yourself and listen to the inner voice that is calling you forward.

Directing new moon energy

•planting seeds for new growth

•knowing that what you have been moving though has completed

•setting intentions for new beginnings

The new moon feels quiet, singular and meditative. This monthly energy enhances contemplation, personal development, receptivity to nature and subtle of relationship dynamics.

Full moon meaning

The waxing moon increases in size until we can see the bright full circle in the night sky. The full moon draws our emotions upward so that we feel more. Unconscious emotions are often reactive, immediate and can trigger us erratically.  Tap into your powerful emotions to direct your energy in productive and positive ways in your life.

Directing full moon energy

•awareness of increasing higher sensory perception; Trusting your gut

•correcting feelings of tension or situations that pull you in opposite directions

•inner wisdom to step forward in life with authority and sovereign command

The full moon feels electric, action packed, social and sometimes frustrating. This monthly energy charges our emotions and awakens us to areas in relationship we have been ignoring or taking for granted.