June forecast for 2018

June 13 Gemini new moon  The nature of Gemini addresses the many ways in which polarity stimulates movement. The new moon provides an opportunity to recognize areas that may need realignment; passion/obsession, enthusiastic/fanatical, internal/external, considerate/intrusive, connected/isolated..etc. Observing imbalances provides a greater understanding of where to bring harmonization. When feelings are aligned there is coherence, ease … More June forecast for 2018

Why I love tarot reading

Here is a little glimpse behind the scenes of my life and what I love Thank you Michael Young at Millions of Pixels for your creative eye and inspired direction millionsofpixels.ca Thank you Aleksandr Tsiboulski for the guitar piece and thoughtful music curation http://www.tsiboulski.com For more information about Tarot Readings by Tegan tegan-tarot.com 

March Forecast 2018

March is a rich month full of transformation on many levels. The Virgo full moon March 1st provided powerful insights to find new gems of possibility within the deep waters of creative visualization. Similar to shining a flashlight into a fathomless crevasse and seeing the light catch something of interest, the full moon likely catalyzed … More March Forecast 2018