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Evolutionary Astrology embraces the concept that the soul incarnates through a succession of lifetimes to learn, grow and develop. Each of us is responsible for the choices we make asking, “Why am I here and what are my lessons?”.  Evolutionary Astrology specifically looks as the natal chart and aspects of the planetary positions for guidance and insight to help address questions of soul consciousness and expansion. The natal chart is the starting point for looking at the karmic destiny for soul growth, yet it is up to the individual with how one chooses to participate in the evolution, healing and development of their own life.

“…The evolution of each Soul is determined by the interaction of dual desires for it is these desires themselves that determine what the life experiences are. Evolutionary Astrology is a symbolic system that allows the astrologer to determine what the desire nature has been and is in each Soul. It is a system that is provable to anyone who takes the time to deeply study it, and to apply it. It requires no belief system at all. It only requires that one validate one’s life experience.”  – foreword by Jeffery Wolf Green for Walsh, Patricia L. (2009) Understanding Karmic Complexes

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