Sacred objects & alters

All objects have the potential to be sacred, magical and wondrous. We empower our tools when we set intentions for their use. For example a pencil can draw a map to find secret treasure or write a message of ย betrayal. The seeds have already been planted, how you choose to nourish those seeds will produce results.

Creating sacred spaces, making alters and finding the correct toolset for the task at hand involves steps of unfolding the creative potential that lies within. For example if you are on a hike and looking for guidance from a Grandmother Cedar tree, you will need to take some time to hang out with the trees to find the ones that resonate with you. Investing your time, patience and openness is the first step in creating a platform for communication.

Generosity is miraculous. Perhaps a friend has given you a special healing crystal. You will need to spend some time holding it, clearing away the past energy that might be lingering on the gem and gentling listening for how the crystal is communicating to you. All sacred objects have a unique way of communicating. It is up to you to discover and hone that special relationship. Start by lavishing sharing your attention, bringing a gift or offering and treating your sacred tool with kindness, attention and care.

Tarot cards are my favourite tool for opening psychic and telepathic communication. I can access those areas through meditation and dream states as well. But I find each deck of tarot cards speaks with a different accent, tone and vibration. Each card in the deck speaks a unique language of it’s own. It is up to me how much depth I choose to bring forward with each communication, there are always new breakthroughs and meanings coming forward. The more I read tarot the more access I have to the rich world behind our eyes.

I invite you find some objects, tools, and spaces that help you awaken a deeper recognition into your own orbit of potential. Just as human relationships are unique complex and different for each of us. People have many sides they share and so do the tools we invite into our life. I find tarot deeply immersive for clairvoyant perception, perhaps for you the messages come through crystals, trees, or scents. Explore different tools and find what best brings guidance for during this phase of your life journey.